Create a new Broadcast

1. Tap the "+" button located in the middle of the bottom menu.

Select category

2. Select the most relevant category for your Broadcast. If you are not sure, select "Other".

Select location

3. Try to be accurate with the location. The street and suburb is ideal but do not add a home or apartment number. Public places are the exception, they can be selected.

Add an image (optional)

4. a. While editing a Broadcast, tap one of the camera icons in the bottom-left corner of the screen.

4. b. Tap Take Image to take a photo and upload it directly to your Broadcast.
Tap Image Library to upload an image from your device.

Tip: Delete an image from Broadcast: Tap the Rubbish bin icon next to the image to delete.

Note: You can add up to 3 images to a Broadcast.

Send Broadcast 🚀

5. a. When you're finished editing your Broadcast, tap the Send button at the bottom.

5. b. After hitting send, Saven will double check that you are ready to post. If you are not, click No to review your Broadcast. When you are ready to send, answer Yes your Broadcast will be sent.

Note: Using Saven on desktop does not give you the option to review your Broadcast. Click Send, it will be sent.

Sent Broadcasts will be delivered instantly to the selected location. It is immediately visible on Saven and is available for anyone to view. All your sent Broadcasts can be found in your Inbox.